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Enabling Battlefield Decision-Making in the Tactical Cloud

This research will explore the use of tactical cloud computing to get closer to the reality of the Warfighter having the “right” information, at the “right” time, at the “right” place, and displayed in the “right” format. Using cloud computing in battlefield scenarios can be challenging for several reasons: (1) Applications have different levels of complexity and deadlines in terms of time-to-solution. (2) Environmental constraints may limit the connectivity of computational resources and, thus, the number of accessible cloudlets. (3) Mobile electronic devices are necessarily resource-poor relative to static client and server hardware. Given a battlefield scenario, this research aims to identify the tactical cloudlets that can be formed to execute the specified application within the given time constraints. This may involve movement of computational resources, consideration of the reliability of communication paths, and selection of appropriate computing resources.

To support battlefield computational services, our research is focused on (1) algorithmic support for the specification of tactical cloudlets that can service the computational needs of Warfighters and (2) the development of performance-engineered solutions that have decreased resource demands and, thus, can be migrated to mobile computing platforms. This work will facilitate the development of battlefield cloud services/application solutions and will provide essential information needed to select the computing resources that populate tactical cloudlets.