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Enabling Battlefield Decision-Making in the DoD Cloud

The goal of this research is to explore the use of cloud computing to get closer to the reality of the Warfighter having the “right” information, at the “right” time, at the “right” place, and displayed in the “right” format.  Often battlefield scenarios require computation that must be completed in a bounded time-to-solution in order to meet warfare objectives. In addition, environmental constraints may limit the number of DoD Cloud configurations, i.e., cloudlets, that are accessible for the required computation and associated communication. These restrictions, coupled with the fact that mobile electronic devices are necessarily resource-poor relative to static client and server hardware, lead to the goals of this research, i.e., given a battlefield scenario, identify feasible DoD Cloudlets to perform the required computation. In addition, it aims to increase the number of feasible configurations that can be used by the Warfighter for this purpose by developing performance-engineered solutions.