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Stanford University is the AHPCRC Consortium lead organization, with overall responsibility for the AHPCRC program. Well known for its research in engineering, interdisciplinary computational sciences, algorithms, and software development, Stanford has 1,771 tenure-line faculty, senior fellows, and center fellows, including 18 Nobel Laureates, 23 MacArthur Fellows, and 21 recipients of the National Medal of Science. All Stanford principal investigators for the AHPCRC Consortium are affiliated with Stanford’s Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME), a program that reflects the importance of computational mathematics in virtually every science and engineering discipline. ICME capitalizes on Stanford’s outstanding strengths in engineering applications and physical, biological, and earth sciences to guide the development of modern research and educational enterprise in computational mathematics. Its central research mission is to develop sophisticated algorithmic and mathematical tools that can advance many different applied disciplines. 

Welcome Message
by Charbel Farhat
Welcome to the Army High Performance Computing Research Center. We are a consortium of universities that includes Stanford University as the lead, The University of Texas, El Paso, New Mexico State University, and Morgan State University. We are working in cooperation with the Army Research Laboratory on advancing the field of Computation-Based Engineering Science. Our primary focus is on capabilities and solutions relevant to the technical needs of the U.S. Army. Continue Reading